Coir Industry is one of the traditional Cottage and Agro based industry with high rural employment potential and export prospects. Karnataka is one of the major coconuts producing state in India, besides Kerala and Tamilnadu.  


Karnataka State Coir Development Corporation Limited was established in the year 1985 with the main objectives of developing Coir based industries and also to act as catalytic agent in developing Coir sector in private sector. Presently, the Corporation is having Twelve Defibring units, Four Curled coir units and Seven Auto Spinning Units in rural areas.


Also, the Corporation is having 75  production centers for the production of yarn, rope, curled coir, coir matting and foot mats in rural areas providing employment opportunities for about 1,500 beneficiaries. We have Twelve  sales outlets and Four sales counters besides mobile vans to sell the products in the local market and also we are catering to the needs of the states like Delhi, Gujarat, etc.


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